Film Review

The Wrestler

This is long overdue.

Darren Aronofksy is known for directing rather ethereal subject matter in his films. However, The Wrestler, is one of the most touching and relevant dramas in the last decade. Mickey Rourke (Sin City, Diner), rediscovers himself and what he means to the acting world with his portrayal of Randy “The Ram” Robinson. The Wrestler  had been in Aronofsky’s radar for years, but he had to establish himself as a filmmaker (Requiem For a Dream, The Fountain), in order to get independent investors to take interest. With only a budget of $6 million, The Wrestler has been able to secure almost $30 million in total gross; the majority of that coming after Rourke’s Oscar® nomination for Best Actor.

The storyline follows “The Ram” as he learns what’s important, after a life-changing moment following an amateur wrestling match. Throughout the film, Randy, whose real name is Robin Ramzinski, realizes that he’s gone through life a way he wouldn’t have, had he been more careful about keeping the ones he loved. He tries to reconnect with his daughter, Stephanie (Evan Rachel Wood, Across the Universe, Thirteen), after he left his family years prior.

With a realistic love interest in a stripper, Pam (Academy Award®-nominated, Marisa Tomei), who parallels “The Ram” with a stage name of her own, Cassidy, The Wrestler strikes another thread that feels just as genuine as his longing for his daughter’s approval.

Definitely see this film.



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