Film Review

28 Weeks Later

As a film on its own, 28 Weeks Later is very well done. However, as a sequel to 2002’s 28 Days Later…, it lacks.

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo takes the reins from Danny Boyle to direct this more stylized, action-laden sequel, and he does a fine job. Robert Carlyle, who was sought after for Cillian Murphy’s role in 28 Days Later…, starts as the seemingly well-kept protagonist. Yet, after about four minutes, it’s easy to see that he will not be the protagonist for long. This chapter in the “Rage Virus” saga, is a film about a family, and how love can triumph in even the darkest of circumstances.

For me, this film missed the mark. I didn’t care much for any of the characters, except for Doyle (Jeremy Renner, North Country, Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford), who is an American soldier who is helping to restructure England after the virus was supposedly wiped-out. It was definitely a more fright-filled movie than its predecessor, but only in that every turn felt like there would be someone looking to scare the protagonists. Weeks didn’t feel as real as Days did. Cillian Murphy goes ten minutes before seeing a soul, and 28 Weeks Later is all about people being at your side throughout.

A few unjustified and unanswered events in 28 Weeks Later crippled the movie a bit, and the average acting kept this sequel below the standard set by the first. But still, it is necessary to see this film if you are a fan of Boyle’s breakthrough apocalyptic tale.



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