Film Review


This undeniable charm of a film was one of the most believable, unbelievable, and haunting films I’ve seen in a long time. Mike Leigh (Vera Drake, Topsy-Turvy) is at the helm and behind the pen for his sixth Oscar®-nominated film. Happy-Go-Lucky is a story about human compassion, as well as what’s left of it.

Happy-Go-Lucky follows a 30 year-old school teacher, Poppy (Sally Hawkins), and her journey through what’s seemingly a mundane life. The only difference between Poppy and most other characters in film and in reality, is her ability to be happy. Throughout her story, we see her experience small misfortunes that should affect her well-being, but she brushes them off with witty and relevant excuses.  She strives to make everyone happy, and in her quest, she comes across a couple of very unsettling situations. At certain points in this movie I was truly nervous for not only Poppy, but for anyone who has ever gotten themselves in similar scenarios.

On a lighter note, this film was wonderfully written, acted, directed, and filmed, leaving me to believe that Sally Hawkins was truly snubbed by not even receiving an Oscar® nod, despite winning a Golden Globe® for her performance. This is another beautiful film from the UK Film Council, who have not let me down in any of the films they’ve produced (Man on Wire, 28 Days Later). Definitely add Happy-Go-Lucky to your list.



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