Film Review


Mr. Brooks


This is an identity-confused tale about a Man of the Year and his murderous alter-ego. Kevin Costner is Earl Brooks, a box-maker, which is apparently an extremely profitable business, is introduced to us as Portland, Oregon’s Man of the Year. Before he delivers his acceptance speech his thoughts mumble what is seemingly a tell-tale sign that he isn’t the man that he appears to be.

Basically, Mr. Brooks transgresses what it means to be a real psychological thriller. Shaky performances by Dane Cook as a curiously murderous blackmailer, and Demi Moore as a ridiculously wealthy detective who has no regard for her own safety, drag the movie down a bit. Costner is fairly believable as both a successful businessman and a deranged murderer, but his character’s strange relationship with his daughter, Jane (Danielle Panabaker), is unnecessary. During a plot twist, his daughter returns home for one of two reasons, and both of them would be devastating to any parent, except for Mr. and Mrs. Brooks.

Aside from the occasional bright spots (well, darkly bright), Mr. Brooks, is passable.



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