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Chainsaw Majini


Capcom’s Resident Evil 5 is an action-packed blockbuster of a game. The gameplay, the cinematic cut scenes, the characters, and everything else you can imagine are simply beautiful and haunting.

The story follows hero, Chris Redfield, and his newly acquainted parter Sheva Alomar on their quest to halt a scheme that may lead to the destruction of humanity. Regardless of every event that has happened in 1-4, this game can be played on its own without any precursor, thanks to countless flashbacks of foreshadowing, and an immersive new campaign that keeps you caught up in the current mission at hand. Redfield and Alomar keep a Blood Diamond-like partnership where Alomar helps Redfield around the seediest (and creepiest) parts of South Africa in a search for supervillain Albert Wesker.

The gameplay is true and unique to the Resident Evil franchise, which is a plus for fans of the series. However, this game isn’t nearly as frightening as its predecessors. Sure, there are a few times when I jumped, but I slept alright after beating the game. One thing that is a must, is playing the game with a friend. There are countless amounts of two-player objectives that would be very tiresome with an AI partner.

All-in-all, this was a fantastic experience. Great character development, and plot twists, along with a few of the most gruesome enemies in gaming, and some of the most advanced and wonderfully-rendered images in video game history, make this game a must-play.




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