Film Review


Death Race


Paul W.S. Anderson’s Death Race is a restructuring of the 1975 cult-favorite, Death Race 2000 with Sylvester Stallone and the ‘killed Bill’, David Carradine. Anderson wrote the screenplay and directed this fast-paced bloodbath starring Jason Statham.

The story begins in an economically down-trodden, and nearly-apocalyptic, Mayan-predicted 2012, with the murder of Jensen Ames’ (Statham) wife, Suzy. Jensen  is framed for her murder and sent to “Terminal Island” penitentiary where he’ll not only serve his sentence, but race to the death against a highly skilled group of racing prisoners. Orchestrated by the prison’s warden, Hennessey (Joan Allen), “Death Race” is broadcast to tens of millions online in an outrageous and Roman-inspired version of today’s Pay-Per-View. 

While the story contains a handful of loopholes in the story, it contains a plethora of explosions and unlimited ammunition, which make the film a relatively enjoyable experience. If you’re able to look past all that Death Race is not (i.e. brilliant), you can revel in everything it is (i.e. explosive). 



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