Film Review

The Fall

The Fall

This epic fairy tale produced by The Curious Case of Benjamin Button director, David Fincher, and Adaptation director, Spike Jonze, is one that is likely to stay with you. Tarsem Singh, who co-directed with Fincher on The Curious Case in India, is at the helm for this sweeping tale of friendship and imagination. Set in 1920s Los Angeles in a Christian-oriented hospital, The Fall draws parallels between real-life and a fairy tale that a patient, Roy (Lee Pace, Pushing Daisies), tells our young heroine, Alexandria (Catinca Untaru). After watching the behind-the-scenes footage, my notion that most of the script was, well, unscripted. Tarsem gave Alexandria stage directions and a pat on the back, and she was off to make the scene.

Although the fable that Roy tells is grandiose and beautiful, it’s been seen before. Maybe not the same characters or the same situations, but the the movie feels like an update of The Wizard of Oz / Princess Bride fusion. As Roy’s story progresses, it gradually becomes apparent that he has alterior motives for his naive listener to partake in.

With some of the most beautiful cinematography by Colin Watkinson (Entourage)  in cinematic history, The Fall is worth watching if just for the picture alone.



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